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A three year old dog named Dozer ran a marathon. He was a goldendoodle. He lived in Fulton, Maryland. He saw some people run by his home and got so excited that he started running with them. After running for seven miles, he completed the Maryland Half Marathon which was a fundraising event for the University of Maryland's Greenebaum Cancer Center.

The runners did not realize that Dozer was alone. After finishing the race, he returned home the next day and looked very tired. His owners got worried and thought he was sick. They took him to the vet. The marathon’s TV coverage captured Dozer running and word spread. The organizers of the Marathon gave Dozer a special award for his effort. Dozer is very famous now and has his own page on Facebook. He was able to raise $21,000 for the cancer center!

Please answer the questions below:

1. What is Dozer?


2. How old is Dozer?


3. What breed is Dozer?


4. Where does Dozer live?


5. Whom did Dozer run with?


6. Why did Dozer’s owner take him to the vet?


7. What is the meaning of the expression ‘word spread’ used in the passage ?


8. Why was Dozer given a special award by the the Marathon organizers ?


9. How much money did Dozer raise for the Cancer Centre?


10. What could be a suitable title for the above passage?


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