Giant deep-sea coral reef found near Charleston

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Source : Ahmedabad Mirror dated August 29 , 2018

Scientists uncover massive 85-mile long cold water reef, believe it plays key role in region’s fisheries

Scientists have discovered a giant deep-sea coral reef system off the coast of the US state of South Carolina. Little is known about the natural resources of the deep ocean off the US’ Southeast coast from Virginia to Georgia. Deep Search 2018 was created to learn more by exploring the deep sea ecosystems.

The projects consists of scientists from National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, and the US Geological Survey. A pair of dives in a submersible called Alvin confirmed the existence of the coral reef.

“This is a huge feature,” chief scientist Erik Cordes said. “It’s incredible that it stayed hidden off the US East Coast for so long.” Cordes said the ecosystem is unlike anything he has seen, with “mountains” of corals. Sandra Brooke, a coral ecologist, described seeing thriving white Lophelia coral covering the sea floor in every direction and said it was a surprise to find so much live deep-sea coral far from the coast.

Coral reefs form more easily near the surface of the water, where the sun can feed the algae.

Please answer the questions below:

1. The deep-sea coral reef was found near ____________.


2. The length of the cold-water coral reef is __________.


3. Alvin is a _______.


4. It’s incredible that deep-sea coral reef stayed _______ for so long.


5. Lophelia is best described as _______.


6. The synonym of ‘thriving’ is _________.


7. Pick the odd one out


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