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I subscribed to www.languageissimple.com three months ago. I am a student and my main goal when I subscribed was of-course to improve significantly my level in English and be fluent. I tried the first three sessions for free and I realized that sessions were very cool. Prices are attractive for students as it costs €30 for unlimited sessions for a month. Teachers are very friendly, available and listening to what you want to do. Each session is positive and there are a lot of funny moments. Now, I feel more confident and I am very happy to book my everyday session.

I just take time to write some words about the wonderful work that Sapna has done with me since the beginning of my English training. I really appreciated the way she gives self-confidence and even if I make mistakes I am not afraid to speak English spontaneously.She always finds an interesting topic to discuss and she helped me a lot to be able to have a job interview in English, she is like a real coach for me!